PlayBook Now Has New Android Applications

Research in Motions, the manufacturer of BlackBerry, has now declared that its new product, the new PlayBook will be released very soon. This is its appropriate response to the demand of those who are addicted to tablets with the latest technology. A wide array of applications that are designed in Java and especially for Android 2.3 will be running on this tablet.

Most of the application developers and users now want the applications designed through Android because it is an open source and the cost of developing an application in Android is quite low in comparison to other languages used. The Android is being supported by a large community of followers. Considering the immense popularity of the Android 2.3, RIM has added it to the options for applications. The application options for Android 2.3 can be downloaded easily on the operating system of the BlackBerry Tablet. This offers a great versatility to the tablet. This assures the success of the table even before it is launched or released in the market.

RIM has designed and developed the PlayBook tablet to meet the expectations of those tech savvy people that expect the tablet to be highly compatible. Before the official announcement there was speculation and there was an element of doubt that the table would allow the Android application. Apk Downloader online  After the official announcement it is now clear that the PlayBook has been designed to allow the Android applications.

It should be now accepted that the tablet that is compatible with and allows the maximum number of applications is going to be the most successful tablet. If applications for any particular table have to be especially developed, it is going to take some time and highly skilled technocrats may be needed to design and develop those applications. In this age of smart phones and tablets the applications are a means of adding features to the device. If the number of compatible applications is more, the capability and usability of the device is also more. RIM has been quick to realize this trend. RIM also knows that the number of Android applications is quite high. It it (RIM) allows the PlayBook users to run the Android applications the usability of the PlayBook is going to increase manifold. When the usability of any device is high it is sure that is going to be successful in the market.

Android is an open source platform and using the Android applications to enhance the features of PlayBook is an intelligent strategy. RIM knows how popular the Android applications are and also knows how to capitalize on this popularity RIM also knew that if the PlayBook tablet does not allow the running of Android applications it would take a long time to popularize the PlayBook.