Laptop Buying Guide 2011

With the technology today, people are becoming more and more mobile. Students, businessmen, housewives – all types of people – prefer owning a laptop than a desktop. The choice is practical, because a laptop can be brought anywhere. It’s easier to connect to the internet as long as there’s wi-fi available. This year, 2011, digital tablets are mushrooming everywhere. Is it still practical to buy a laptop?

What is the best laptop for me? This Laptop Buying Guide 2011 will help people to choose the best laptop for them.

For students, particularly those who are in oneplus tv 43 inch High School and College, a laptop is now a must. Of course a student will not use a laptop purely for study purposes. Students love watching videos, listening to music, take and share pictures, play games, and download anything interesting they find on the web. It is recommendable that the laptop should have a big memory. A hard drive of more than 500 GB will be enough for them. The laptop also should fit the fashion taste of the students. Of course students, most especially those in high school, would not prefer bringing a bulky laptop, or they’ll end up with their classmates laughing at them. It would be better to have a screen size of less than 15 inches. The larger the screen, the bulkier and heavier it is. Oh, and don’t forget a spare battery, because the laptop surely will be used for more than 7 hours.

For businessmen on the other hand, would prefer a laptop that could have the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is preferred to buy a laptop with a Corei7 processor that runs on 2.2 Ghz or faster. The hard drive must be 7200 RPM or more. Fast hard drives could do the task faster. Don’t worry with the memory. A businessman focuses on work, not on leisure, unlike students. So a 250 GB memory should be enough. It is also a must that the laptop is manufactured by a known and trusted company. So it should either be a Sony, Toshiba or an HP.

Almost all notebooks still come with cheaper HDMI hook-up and WiFi, so be sure that you will be able to handle the workload and your load of entertainment for a very affordable price. Do not settle for less than it deserves, and don ‘t be afraid to comparison shop between retailers. You can take a laptop budget savings without sacrificing substance.