How To Advertise Your Internet Business and Drive Traffic and Sales for Pennies

We have all seen advertisements promising targeted traffic and massive sales, but most of these are scams and rarely do they produce the traffic and sales that are promised. Even Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on search engines like Google and Yahoo have gotten so expensive for good keywords that the costs now greatly outweigh any profits you could make with your internet business. On average it costs $20 – $100 per item sold through Google. This is no way to make money and will actually cost your internet business more than it is worth. As advertising and other costs continue to rise due to the poor management of our economy by President George Bush, it has become more important to find alternative ways of driving traffic and sales to your internet business. Here are some great underground or free marketing methods that are proven to drive targeted traffic and sales:

1. Use your car or truck to advertise your company or services. This will add additional exposure and branding to your internet business, company or product. Thousands of potential customers will see this and if you use big letters, like in your back window, the possibilities and results are endless. Lots of research by big companies like Mary Kay and Avon has been done into self marketing and branding on vehicles. This is why both Avon and Mary Kay offer rear window branding stickers to their associates – it works great and increases sales very cheaply (very cost effective). All you have to pay is for a one time sticker creation (about $40) and they will last for years and continuously drive traffic and sales. Simplicity is key here, for the best results for your online or internet business, only use a few eye catching words and a web address or phone number. Catchy web addresses have the best follow through traffic and sales as determined by numerous customer acquisition and internet business research firms. Do not use small stickers, bumper stickers, etc… as no one really notices or pays attention to these.

2. Buy a ink stamp with your website or contact info attached (around $25). Every piece of mail that your put your hands on should have your service, product, or website on it. It’s a numbers game. The more people that see your name or website address, the more sales you will make kompostownik z palet . By the way, many people other than the intended recipient will notice the stamped website address for your internet or online business.

3. Get some bumper stickers made up with your internet business or product name and website on them. Make sure they stand out and can easily be read. Then give them out at local fairs and events. Niche targeted events work best at sending targeted traffic and sales. Send them to your happiest customers (most will be glad to display your bumper sticker for you). Pens with your internet business imprinted on them work great as free giveaways at fairs and events. You can get embossed pens for as little as $.10 each and they work great. Remember, free is the key – anything you can give away free that you can put your internet business name on and will provide a benefit or usefulness will result in increased traffic and sales! Many Walmarts will allow local businesses to display their services and brochures and giveaway free items (be sure to contact the management first and tell them it is for your internet business).

4. Donate some money in your internet business name and then use a press release to cover it. Have a professional write the press release for you and watch the resultant traffic and sales. People feel for those less fortunate and if you help them and use a well crafted press release you can get more traffic and sales then with hundreds of thousands of dollars of pay per click advertising on Google and Yahoo. You can also give your time or help in other ways if you have limited resources. A well written press release can literally pull your internet business out of the proverbial Google sandbox and put it on the map.