DVDs Worth Seeing: The Judy Garland Television Show

Forget the rumors you heard about her drug addiction. Forget about the Wizard of Oz and her tragic life. You guessed it, I’m talking about Judy Garland and a true Hollywood gem, The Judy Garland Television Show.

I must admit, I’m among the many who didn’t even realize Judy had her own television show. I’ll blame that on my age (I seldom get to do that), but after seeing Judy’s show, I’m a true fan.

Broadcast on CBS Television right in the middle of the cocktail generation between 1962 and 1964, the television show brought a very beautiful and glamorous Judy Garland to music aficionados from coast-to-coast. Pioneer Video in association with CBS has finally brought this show back where it belongs, on the television screen.

My favorite feature of this particular DVD collection is the sound quality. homeland project free tv The entire collection has been carefully remastered in 5.1 surround giving the sensation of sitting right there in the studio audience. And, the sound certainly isn’t wasted as Judy, with her incomparable voice delivers the jazz standards in a way you just won’t hear with popular performers.

A drawback to some, the program is in black and white. But, I hope you won’t let that discourage you, the images are crisp and clear and the black and white casts a mood over this show that just couldn’t be reproduced in color. In fact, I don’t think I’d choose to have it presented in any other way.

Every show opens with an introduction of the guest stars wetting your appetite for what’s to come over the next 45 minutes. Such greats as Jack Jones, Martha Ray, Chita Rivera, Barbara Streisand, and Perry Como are only a few of the guests bringing tremendous talent to an already great television show.

There really is nothing like this on televisions today. You must see for yourself the true level of sophistication and glamor Judy and her guests bring to the show to understand why she was once referred to as America’s Greatest Entertainer.