Buyer’s Guide For Public Trash Bins

Every trash bin is designed to collect waste, but that is where the similarity ends. Consumers have their own usage agenda for these trash bins and how they will purchase. This article was written to build the overall awareness of the many attributes that are considered when making a public trash bin purchase.

Bigger or smaller?

There are so many factors to consider when choosing the size and capacity of the waste receptacle. Indoor usages gears more towards smaller size trash bins than outdoor usages. Weight of the waste should also be considered to determine the size. The frequency at which the trash will be removed also plays a role in this decision. Last but not least, the site where the waste bin is to be placed must also be considered.

Look and Feel

This aspect has always been more important for the indoor usages. Many sites like bistros use different colors to represent the types of trash the bin holds. Blue is the most popular color to indicate recycling, but when trash bins are properly labeled any color should do. In recent trends, natural material colors such as steel, brass, wood, and chrome were actually preferred over regular color schemes. Natural material colors are used for their complementary appeal with modern architecture and design. In regards to shape, some places, like offices, require a certain style that compliments the furniture to look coordinated. While other places, like a workshop, does not really care for a certain style. The lid portion of a trash bin is also considered to achieve a particular look; it could be a dome shape, flat, cone shapes, etc. The material used should also be taken into account. From different metals to fiberglass, waste receptacles should feel sturdy and have a solid feel to it rather than a cheap build.

Ease Of Use

Consumers are aware that ease of use is probably the 垃圾桶  biggest concern when purchasing a trash bin. Here are some ease of use factors: trash bins with two side openings can cut trash lines in half and add an area to hold trays or even cigarette buds. Are the lids attached or separate? Lids are used to prevent odor issues from surfacing and also influence appearance as well. Some outdoor bins provide lids attached with cables preventing theft. The infamous step-on waste receptacles are very popular with hospitals because of its hands-free lid; it promotes contamination control and sanitation. Some trash bins come with wheels, making it easier for transport.


From metal to plastic, the U.S. has changed its course. Various forms of plastic now seem to be favored over metals because of lower cost. While plastics do not dent or rust, it can crack under low temperatures and will often wear out at the bottom due to abrasion. Even though the U.S. has changed, does not mean the rest of the world is following. Outside of the U.S. metal waste bins are still high in demand. A new innovation of steel has addressed some of the current issues concerning the use of metal waste bins, such as the rust and cost issues. Best advice, when shopping for waste bins look for a trusted manufacturer and make sure warranty is included.