Blackberry 9630 Tour – Dual Mode Phone

BlackBerry 9630 Tour belongs to the slim line category of phones from Blackberry. The fact that it is ‘nice and slim’ enables you to carry this phone wherever you go as it is devoid of any unnecessary bulk that gets associated with highly advanced technical phones today. With this phone you can enjoy a very convenient talking or web browsing experience with the highly advanced multimedia capacity that has outnumbered all the other phones in its performance and utility. All these things are taken care of by the Blackberry manufacturers, not compromising with the style factor at all. In fact as the name suggests you can ‘tour’ the world around but still stay connected with work and with people that you value all in a good style.

This phone provides the best answer for the emails, text messaging… be it in the form of IM, SMS or MMS. There is also an unparalleled ability for the connection to the social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace in addition to the built in GPS capacity and the highly efficient multimedia capacity. The well attained balance between work and recreational activities makes this phone a well rounded device, thereby making it all the more acceptable and loved by the people.

BlackBerry 9630 Tour has an advanced Multimedia system that incorporates entertainment and fun in your life. It has 256 MB memory and also built in media player that is capable of entertaining you even when you are on the go. The crystal clear display of this phone of 480X360 pixels allows for easy and convenient display of pictures and videos without the unnecessary straining your eyes. With the 3.2 MP cameras you can take the pictures of the memorable days of your life and at the same time dual mode bluetooth module  share them with your friends instantly online. With the geo tagging facility you would also know where the pictures were taken. So it is actually talking of convenience all along with phone in hand. In addition to the Geo Tagging facility, the GPS and Blackberry Maps in phones further facilitate you in not letting you get lost anywhere.

You are also able to locate nearby business houses, cafeterias, hospitals or any places that you are looking for with phone. With the utilities driven by BlackBerry 9630 Tour the increasing amounts of wireless users that aspire to do more than just make phone calls with their phones are planning on buying this device. This phone offers dual mode functionality which means that the phone supports both CDMA and GSM technology, which enables an unhindered usage on domestic as well as international fronts without any compromises on the call quality and the connectivity of the phone.

The BlackBerry 9630 Tour contract deals further help in getting this phone at a cheap price or with many deals accompanied with this. The deals can be in the form of free gifts or cash back offers. Either way one plans on getting this phone, the functionalities of this phone has made it easier for people to use it and also enjoy this phone to the optimum with the best accompanying deals.