10 Reasons to Become a T Shirt Designer

If you or your friends want to show off or develop your design skills, and have a chance of earning some money, then why not be T shirt designers and submit your designs them to T shirt design competitions?

Here’s why you should.

1. If you’re a creative person, then why not make the most of your creativity and see what you can come up with? If you have the skills and experience to come up with a great slogan, or an impressive image, why not make the most of it?

2. Perhaps you like clothes anyway, and want to add something a bit different to the world of fashion and design. Why not see what trends are popular at the moment and see if your designs and ideas can become as popular.

3. If you like designing or modifying your own clothes, then why mesh backpacks not use some of your designs or favourite techniques on a T shirt and enter it in a competition?

4. Perhaps you’ve got something to say. Maybe you’ve got a sharp wit, or enjoy using slogans or catchphrases, and want to show them off. How good would they look on a T shirt? How good would it be to be a T shirt designer.

5. You might just be fed up of the boring t shirts that seem to be all over the place. Perhaps you don’t find the funny T shirts very funny, and know that you could do better. Why not give it a go?

6. Maybe you just want something different from the High St brands, or better quality than the supermarkets provide. You’re sure to be able to come up with something.

7. Why not show off and wear something you’ve made yourself? If it is truly different, then you won’t be surprised if people want to know more about it, and when they find out you designed it yourself. You might make new friends, or even get yourself some design work.

8. Perhaps you want others to wear your designs. If you’ve got lots of ideas, but they aren’t being seen by your ideal target audience, then why not enter T shirt design competitions and see if you can get your designs in front of more people?

9. If you want to get your name known, then you might want to think about entering T shirt competitions so that people can find out more about you, and see some of your designs. Who knows, you might actually win, and become famous overnight!

10. Maybe you’ve entered a few T shirt design competitions, and now you want to want to win and get your designs made. Why not see how your designs progress and improve as you get more established and better known. You could even become full time T shirt designers.